Monday, November 7, 2011

Food drive, and catch up.

Hey all four of you! haha well i just thought i would try this blogging thing again...maybe. well im doing a canned food drive and made this flyer with my awesome photoshop skeelz!

Halloween was fun. my first costume attempt was operation, the game. then came this masterpiece! hehe. well anyways i barely fit into the shirt im pretty sure it was meant to be a dress for a little child but i cut a bigger neck hole and vuala!

im not really sure why but i can NEVER resist the urge to put buck teeth on my pumpkin! what a playa! haha her name is gersha.

anual pumpkin patch trip! for some reason we keep losing people every year it couldnt be because of marriage or anything. naw! well jordan bummed out but we still had fun and took fun pics!


Joanna Barker said...

haha Gersha....and your costume is cute! pocahantas would be jealous....

Janae Rebecca Lance said...

thanks!!! Gersha..remember? hehe. im sacaguwea? sp? haha