Saturday, September 15, 2012

My First Move

Wow. It is really here! Just three more days and I say goodbye to Gilroy and a week until I say goodbye to California. It is a bittersweet move. While packing I actually did cry. Sometimes in life we can't see the whole picture. As miserable as I thought my life has been these two years, they have actually been full of wonderful family and friends and all of our rocking memories together! I am learning day by day how to enjoy living in the moment. Too quickly does it pass and you never see it again. 

I want Jess to know how much I loved being around her and her adorable family. I loved all of the youtube watching and cooking(more so last year) and just all of the dorky moments we have had!  I want to tell Ashley that I could not have asked for a better friend. You have made me who I am today and I love you or it! Rachel I want to tell you that we are two people that I feel just get along so well. It has made you one of my best friends!! We have so many fun/ny memories together and I treasure them. Megan! We be in the same state again. reunion from sophomore year right? Our talks when driving have been the best therapy and so fun!! We will always be friends, I know because of those calls. Jobo, Thank you for being the level-headed example to me. You rock and don't forget it. Justin, oh how I miss the days we went to parties together. We think similarly and I love that you are my brother! Mom, Dad, Jordan, Josh, and Sulia thanks for going along with all the crazy stuff I threw at ya!! 

As I am packing, I am fully realizing how I am blessed. My life is about to change and hopefully for the better. I am interviewing for jobs currently. So far I have a few options. When something is final I will for sure update this blog. I'm really not even sure people will read mine but, you know, what the heck!

 I realized in this packing phase of the move that I have TOO MUCH STUFF! Luckily I am not the type to be super attached to inanimate objects, take for example, my oldest teddy bear. I really have no clue what his name was or is or her.. anyways the fact is I am getting rid of everything that I don't need. It surprises me how little you really need and how much I had. Talk about a hoarder! haha Well wish me luck that I don't pass out from exhaustion, oh wait that already happened. Ta Ta for now