Sunday, January 25, 2009

A day at the park!

So the other day i went to Miller park. to enjoy the wonderful weather! it was like 80 degrees! 
I took a book with me and read! it was a good expirience because i don't have much time to read these days!
Haha! I started getting bored of reading could you tell? : )

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sister sister!

Sooo, i found these awesome pictures with each of my sisters when i was little! thought they were too cute! enjoy!
Jessica with her outrageously thin tan legs with little freckle face white girl. who would've thought we were related! haha ; )

Mine and joanna's beloved heart room! haha. and yes i got the big bottom bed! 

Baby julia and I. I think i was just so happy to not be the "baby" anymore!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The last month at a glance

So i realized that i haven't posted in quite a lot of time. And after lots of urgings by certain family members I'm back! Mostly it has been because of my hecktic holiday schedule. So here is a sort of journal of what has been going on and i have pictures to go with each event!

So mine and Jordan's culinary (aka foods) teacher is making us all cook a fish! yuck! we are scheduled to cook it next wednesday. The absolute worst part is that we have to eat it for our grade! : ( disappointing!

FINALS WEEK! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! well the next time i set foot on campus i will be headed for a U.S. history and Marine biology final! well wish me luck. but i like those classes so i'll be ok.

New years! ok so for new years eve this year my fiend Sherri and I got all dressed up and went out to Black Bear! It was so funny because all we had was $20 so we each only got an entre! haha. then we went to morgan hill for a dance! it was soooo much fun but the music was kinda lame! : ( well it was soo much seeing all my friends from san jose! it was so fun, on the way home we had martinellis! great evening!

So to raise money for the upcoming Carnegie Hall trip we (chamber) get paid to carol at parties. we caroled at least 50 times this december, just anywhere people hired us to sing at. it was really fun but pretty much during the month i felt my soul purpose was to drink water, sing and sleep. : ) lol